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There are   3   Bible related ERRORS

that you absolutely must understand  !



Click the first two Facts.


1.  The mount in Jerusalem is  NOT  NOT  NOT  where God's Temple once stood.     Second Video.

2.  The sinner's prayer is  NOT  NOT  NOT  how a person becomes saved.

3.  Mathew, Mark, Luke and John,  are  NOT  NOT  NOT  part of God's "New" Covenant  !  (Keep reading below)



The majority of False Doctrine today is due to the fact that most churches improperly  "divide"  God's covenants.  This is truly amazing.

For  522  years this mistake has been relentlessly hindering Christians and this tragedy must come to an end.  This is so very important !



The  book  of  Matthew  is  absolutely  NOT

the beginning of God's New covenant.



If the above statement is shocking, keep reading,

don't allow it to stop you from discovering the   P R O O F .



On October 31, 1517,  Martin Luther  nailed a Doctrinal notice to the door of Castle church in Wittenburg, Germany.  That action was the beginning of the Protestant  Reformation towards truer doctrine.  Luther exposed and refuted false teachings of the catholic church which turned out to be one of the most famous events in all of church history even though Lutheran doctrine also contains certain errors.


Then exactly  490  years later, on October 31, 2007,  nailed a doctrinal notice to the door of the church around the world via the internet.  And that action was the beginning of the "correct" separation of Old Covenant from New CovenantThis was achieved by exposing and refuting the world's Biggest Bible Mistake Ever.



Actual door of Castle church in Wittenburg, Germany, to which Luther nailed his notice.




P U R E     F A C T


What you're about to discover is pure fact.  You're about to realize the Biggest Bible Mistake that man has ever made or probably will ever make in all history.  And as you learn, remember that Jesus declares that "True Doctrine" is a matter that pertains to our Salvation.


    1Timothy 4:16    Watch your life and Doctrine closely, persevere in them
                               because if you do, you will save both yourself and those
                               who hear you.

     1Timothy 6:3     If anyone teaches false Doctrines and does not agree to
                              the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly
                              teaching, he is conceited and understands nothing.

    Titus 2:1            You must teach what is in accord with sound Doctrine.


In  1486 a.d., the biggest printed mistake in the history of the church was made by a man named Johann Pruss of Strasbourg, France, when he (without divine authority) placed a New Testament Title Page in between the books of Malachi and Matthew, thus falsely separating the Old and New Covenants.


Just a quick note before you discover this monumental mistake.  We'd like you to quickly ponder one other mistake, equally as sorrowful.  The most honorable


-  William Tyndale  -


was probably the one man besides the Apostle Paul who single handedly did more to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ than any other person in history, and he did this by translating the Greek Scriptures into common English.  Now see if you can guess what his reward was ?  Yes indeed, the catholic denomination  "burned him at the stake"  (this site is not about bashing the catholic denomination).  And with all respect and condolences towards Mr. Tyndale, we believe that the definition of tragedy also includes;


Definition :  TRAGEDY [traj-i-dee]  noun.


1.   When a person refuses to accept True Doctrine because he might lose financial income that he's receiving from his congregation.


2.   When a person refuses to accept True Doctrine because his friends or associates will not accept the Truth.




Plain Biblical Fact :


It's absolutely impossible for a person to understand the Bible entirely unless they specifically understand God's different Covenants because a person also needs to understand  where  in the Bible that the Covenants are dividedAnd the biggest bible mistake that man has ever made is tragically still today causing people to  "wrongly divide"  God's Covenants.

Get ready to be surprised when you finally realize the monumental mistake that happened in . . .


1 4 8 6  a.d.




Proverb 30:6  emphatically states;



Do not   " add "   to His words,

or He will rebuke you and prove you a liar.



Be sure to keep that in mind as you



Pursue the Error




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